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ReconnectCare helps you connect your healthcare records, providers and care sites into one secure location. Grant or revoke access at anytime with the click of a button

  • View your procedures, encounters and diagnoses
  • Share with doctors, caregivers and family members
  • Improve your quality of care with unlimited lifetime digital access. No more faxing records from office to office
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Manage your day to day clinical and prescription needs while building a complete picture of your health - all in your control and on your terms.
Take your meds consistently
One of the main drivers of non-adherence simply not remembering to take your medications at the rigiht time. Pre-sorted meds labeled with date and time make your life easier - let us do the work for you
Overcome barriers to adherence
Send audio and video messages directly to your pharamcy team, primary care provider or specialist to design a medication management solution that fits your lifestyle
Save time and skip the pharmacy line
Travel to and from the pharmacy can be time consuming, costly and require assistance from others. We ship your medications directly to your home to save you time and help your manage your refills
Care Coordination
Members receive access to complete medical history from over 750,000+ care sites across the United States. Use as a reference or share with your pharmacy team doctor or family members
A message from our Chief Medical Director
Dr Jonathan Hinds
Chief Medical Officer/ Co-Founder - ReconnectCare

I'm Dr. Jonanthan Hinds and thanks for exploring ReconnectCare. I've spent the majority of my career helping patients on the front lines of Emergency Rooms across the United States. During that time I saw needs of both the patient and provider develop as a result of access to new information and data and BIG changes in the ways we live and work. ReconnectCare's mission is to simplify access to detailed health information that puts the patient in control. With access to easy to understand, real time information, patients will be able to make better choices and build relationships directly with healthcare professionals they feel comfortable with. That's why I'm a co-founder of ReconnectCare.

So thanks for visiting and I hope you both choose to become a member and find our services useful. Email me and tell me what you think!

What our customers have to say

Hannibal, Missouri

I was amazed at I love it! I NEVER have to worry abour refills, they are on the ball. My medicine is all portioned out by date...could not be easier. Highly recommend!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Meds were mailed to my home and I was able to speak with a pharmacist over the phone when I needed to. Much easier than going to a pharmacy


How do you find my active medications?
Upon enrollment into ReconnectCare, we search the largest pharmacy network in the country to locate all your prescribed medications for the last 12 months. We note your active medications vs older meds you’re no longer on, provide adherence scores and give you the info in an easy to read member dashboard.
Can I use ReconnectCare to store my medications without transferring my medications?
Yes! ReconnectCare enrollment includes access to your basic medication history. For a complete history of up to date active medications including adherence scores, enroll into our medication management program and have your meds sorted and shipped to your home.
What is an adherence score?
A prescription adherence score (PDC) is calculated by the ratio of the number of days the patient is covered by the medication to the number of days the patient is eligible to have the medication on hand. The PDC ratio provides a more accurate representation of medication adherence because it eliminates the possibility of being unreasonably elevated.
If I enroll into your medication management program, how will I receive my medications?
Your meds will be sorted into individual pouches shipped directly to your home at no additional cost. ReconnectCare matches you to the pharmacy within our network that best matches your needs
How does your Medication Management program work?
Upon enrollment, we access the largest pharmacy databases in the United States to build a list of your past and current medications. You receive unlimited access to a complete list of your medications including adherence scores, prescriber name and current pharmacy name. Our pharmacy partners then contact you directly and confirm the contents and timing of your first delivery. Unless you are in urgent need, your first shipment usually arrives in about 2 weeks.
When will my first shipment of medications arrive?
Your first shipment usually arrives in about two weeks. If you are in urgent need of a refill, please contact your current pharmacy. You can enroll with ReconnectCare today and schedule your next refill with our pharmacy team!
Will I be charged any fees for medication management?
No! ReconnectCare’s medication management program is available at no additional cost. You simply pay your medication copay just as you do today.
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