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We built ReconnectCare to enable members to find the best doctors for your spepcific needs. Use our search function to build a personalized care plan that’s right for you and your family’s future.
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Whether checking up on a referral from a trsuted source or searching for a new specialist for a loved one, ReconnectCare’s Provider Search gives you the tools to find the right team for your physcial and mental health
Take control of your healthcare with our enterprise grade provider database
Find a healthcare provider you can build a relationship with.
Help to prevent future health issues by asking the right questions. Use your personal health journal to log questions, issues or ideas.
Confirm past experience and be sure your doctor has the right experience and certifications to treat you and your family.
A message from our Chief Medical Director
Dr Jonathan Hinds
Chief Medical Officer/ Co-Founder - ReconnectCare

I'm Dr. Jonanthan Hinds and thanks for exploring ReconnectCare. I've spent the majority of my career helping patients on the front lines of Emergency Rooms across the United States. During that time I saw needs of both the patient and provider develop as a result of access to new information and data and BIG changes in the ways we live and work. ReconnectCare's mission is to simplify access to detailed health information that puts the patient in control. With access to easy to understand, real time information, patients will be able to make better choices and build relationships directly with healthcare professionals they feel comfortable with. That's why I'm a co-founder of ReconnectCare.

So thanks for visiting and I hope you both choose to become a member and find our services useful. Email me and tell me what you think!

What our customers have to say

New York, New York

After signing up online, I got a call from the pharmacy a couple days later to confirm a few things. Then my meds showed up at my door about 5 days later. Would recommend this service to anyone looking for easy prescription delivery.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Meds were mailed to my home and I was able to speak with a pharmacist over the phone when I needed to. Much easier than going to a pharmacy


What providers are included in your search?
We gather data from health insurance companies, digital doctor finders and third party administrators to compile a robust directory of providers covered by all insurance companies from all specialities available
Where do the provider ratings come from?
Our provider ratings come from health insurance companies and digital doctor finders? Interested in rating a provider yourself? Tell us more! [email]
Can I search for doctors outside my network?
Yes, look for providers in any insurance network, specialty and location
How do I save a provider to my profile?
Coming soon!! Just click the save to my profile icon in the provider search section and the provider’s information card will be saved to your profile
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