What is ReconnectCare?

We make it easy to catalog your healthcare information. From next generation adherence analytics to free provider search across every insurance network in the United States, ReconnectCare is your home for easy access to all your medication and medical record data

ReconnectCare levels the playing field. Because everyone deserves an equal chance to manage and understand their healthcare options.

Why we do it?

Here’s how it all started.
Meet Dr. Hinds.

I've spent the majority of my career helping patients on the front lines of Emergency Rooms across the United States. During that time I saw needs of both the patient and provider develop as a result of access to new information and data and BIG changes in the ways we live and work. ReconnectCare's mission is to simplify access to detailed health information that puts the patient in control. With access to easy to understand, real time information, patients will be able to make better choices and build relationships directly with healthcare professionals they feel comfortable with. That's why I'm a co-founder of ReconnectCare.

He saw a need to transform the healthcare ecosystem.

Working directly with providers and patients, Dr. Hinds saw firsthand the various complexities that come between provider and patient throughout the healthcare process. When patients are well informed and have easy access to their historic health information, providers have more opportunities to offer a more customized level of care

Dr. Hinds work leading emergency rooms during COVID-19 led to a breakthrough notion:

Software could make it easier for people to manage their own health goals.

What is it?

How can ReconnectCare help me?

Manage and build your medical history in one place

Connect your healthcare records, providers and care sites into one secure location. Grant or revoke access at anytime with the click of a button.

Transfer your active medications and have them sorted and shipped directly to your home

Monthly medication delivery and digital access to your complete medication history to help members and their loved ones increase medication adherence.

Find a doctor or specialist in and out of your provider network

Find local doctors who take your insurance or any insurance you’re thinking about switching to. Search for specialists and get comprehensive listings and reviews from validated data sources.

Manage your insurance, copays, and deductibles in one convenient place

Store your insurance information and get real time access to track specific coverage for you and your loved ones. View spend progress toward individual or family deductibles.

ReconnectCare partners with best of breed hospital networks, care sites, EHRs and more to deliver members unlimited access to a robust set of healthcare information. ReconnectCare members have the choice to build medication, provider, insurance and medical record information into their patient profile. Members have unlimited access and can share or revoke access to any provider or family member they choose. Easy access to information gives patients more choice in a complex world. Join ReconnectCare today and start building your future health.

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Meet the ReconnectCare team

Dr. Jonathan Hinds

Chief Medical Director and Partner at ReconnectCare

Board certified emergency medicine physician and a graduate of Rutgers Medical School where he received the Distinction in Medical Research honor. Completed residency at UMass, a globally recognized leader in healthcare. Licensed in all 50 states to practice medicine.

Mathew Sanger

Partner at ReconnectCare

Matt has had a 17-year career in healthcare services including mergers and acquisitions, specifically in hospital-based physician services, laboratory, and independent pharmacy turnaround consulting. He’s also an angel investor and Board member of Ilumed, Inc, a value-based healthcare risk organization.

Dusty Candland

Partner at ReconnectCare

Dusty has a 20-year history of building lean, high functioning web and mobile applications. He’s held key engineering roles leading to two successful exits at GoToast and Roximity.

Greg Messinger

Partner at ReconnectCare

Greg has a 15-year track record of leading significant growth initiatives at media and technology organizations globally. Previously, Greg was the Co-Founder of Macarta, a e-commerce agency specializing in Amazon monetization and an ad agency that grew to $95M in annual revenue in 5 years. Greg has also spent time with global media organizations like News Corp in Auatralia and The Walt Disney Company in Europe.


William Sanger

William Sanger is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive. He is the cofounder and managing partner of BIDON Companies, a diversified Healthcare Enterprise, Co-Owner and Chairman of EA Health Solutions. Most recently he was the Chairman of Envision Healthcare, a Fortune 500 company which sold in 2018 to a PE firm for over $10B (a 50x increase in value over a 17 year period that he served as CEO). He has served as Chairman and CEO of many successful companies and has taken four of those companies public. Presently he serves on the Board of Directors of Carestream Health, Healogics, SCA Pharmaceuticals, and Agilon Health. He is an advisory to several private equity firms. 

Rob Rigal

Rob is an attorney and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in both the private and public sectors. Rob served as Major in United States Marine Corps as a Judge Advocate in the role of prosecutor, Deputy Staff Judge Advocate for 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of California. Rob then started a specialty finance company focusing on providing liquidity to medical providers such as hospitals, doctors, and surgery centers. He also joined a Blackstone portfolio company as its Managing Director focusing on several specialty finance product lines.  Rob continues his investments and activities in the specialty funding and medical receivable industries.


We’re here because more people across the economic spectrum deserve a world class health care ecosystem

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