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ReconnectCare helps you connect your healthcare records, providers and care sites into one secure location. Grant or revoke access at anytime with the click of a button

  • View your procedures, encounters and diagnoses
  • Share with doctors, caregivers and family members
  • Improve your quality of care with unlimited lifetime digital access. No more faxing records from office to office
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Your health history made easy
Build your record to include medications, labs, vital signs, clinical notes, procedures, encounters and more. Take control of your future health to build the best care plan for yourself and the ones you love
Coordinate your care
For children, relatives and spouses. Easily toggle between profiles to help your family reconnect with their best life. Communicate with family doctors, pharmacists and other loved ones with ReconnectCare’s chat feature. Control who has access to your family members records with a simple toggle of a switch
Your privacy
ReconnectCare is built for patients. You can trust us to keep you information safe and completely in your control. No one should have to trade privacy for access to their healthcare information. We commit to always being transparent about the data we collect and why we only use it to make better services for members. You can read our full privacy policy here
Share your records
Send an invite to family members or doctors that are part of your care plan. Enable secure access and send record updates and notes over our secure chat channels. Monitor and revoke access at any time in your patient profile
Build your ReconnectCare profile and start to catalogue your health today
Chronic Pain
Treatments for chronic pain are as diverse as the causes. Use your history to guide your future
Staying Healthy
Build a personalized care plan for you and the ones you love
Access helpful information to guide important health decisions before and after pregnancy
A message from our Chief Medical Director
Dr Jonathan Hinds
Chief Medical Officer/ Co-Founder - ReconnectCare

I'm Dr. Jonanthan Hinds and thanks for exploring ReconnectCare. I've spent the majority of my career helping patients on the front lines of Emergency Rooms across the United States. During that time I saw needs of both the patient and provider develop as a result of access to new information and data and BIG changes in the ways we live and work. ReconnectCare's mission is to simplify access to detailed health information that puts the patient in control. With access to easy to understand, real time information, patients will be able to make better choices and build relationships directly with healthcare professionals they feel comfortable with. That's why I'm a co-founder of ReconnectCare.

So thanks for visiting and I hope you both choose to become a member and find our services useful. Email me and tell me what you think!

What our customers have to say

Fort Worth, Texas

ReconnectCare was easy to use. Instead of tracking down and faxing paperwork from different doctor offices, all my records are stored here for easy access!

New York, New York

After signing up online, I got a call from the pharmacy a couple days later to confirm a few things. Then my meds showed up at my door about 5 days later. Would recommend this service to anyone looking for easy prescription delivery.


How do you locate my medical records?
With your authorization, ReconnectCare searches thousands of care facilities across the country to locate your medical records. This includes your doctor visits, procedures, lab tests and much more. Some of these care facilities respond faster than others, that’s why it sometimes takes a little time to aggregate a complete record.
How long does it take to retrieve my medical records?
It depends on the number of care sites at which you’ve received care in the past. If all your interactions come from the same facility, we can aggregate records in 15 minutes or less. If you’ve moved around a bit and had care at different facilities, we have to wait for these facilities to respond to our request which can sometimes take up to 48 hours.
What can I use my medical record for?
Share it with your spouse or other family member so they can support your care plan. Or with a new healthcare provider who may not have access to your historical record from other care facilities. You could also use when speaking with your provider and pharmacist about your medication management and prescription interactions
How much does it cost to access my medical record?
Medical Record access is free to ReconnectCare members.
Can I share my medical record with others?
That feature will be available by June of 2022 so it’s coming soon! You’ll be able to send an invite for your healthcare provider, family member or emergency services provider to enroll into ReconnectCare and access part or all of your medical record.
How do you find my active medications?
Upon enrollment into ReconnectCare, we search the largest pharmacy network in the country to locate all your prescribed medications for the last 12 months. We note your active medications vs older meds you’re no longer on, provide adherence scores and give you the info in an easy to read member dashboard.
How does ReconnectCare keep my information safe?
ReconnectCare is built on HIPAA, HITECH compliant infrastructure to maintain the highest levels of security and compliance. Learn more about the HIPAA and HITECH from the Department of Health and Human services website available here
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